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Policy 9.5
Sponsorship of Nonprofit Organizations Beyond Emory University

Responsible Official: VP of Communications
Administering Division/Department: Communications and Public Affairs
Effective Date: November 09, 2009
Last Revision: November 01, 2013

Policy Sections:


To provide guidelines regarding sponsorship of nonprofit organizations beyond Emory University.


All University departments, divisions, schools, and affiliates.

Policy Details

Except in rare circumstances, Emory University does not endorse the use of University funds for purposes of fundraising by other nonprofit organizations. This policy includes

  • purchase of seats or tables at banquets and dinners;
  • sponsorship of golf tournaments, road races, walks, or other athletic events;
  • purchase of tickets to balls, fashion shows, awards ceremonies, or other gala events;
  • sponsorship of awards ceremonies.

Requests for Emory to purchase advertisements in magazines, programs, yearbooks, and other publications must be reviewed by the Division of Communications and Marketing for appropriateness, possible effectiveness, and fit with Emory’s strategic aims.

Nothing in the above policy prohibits individual members of the Emory community from supporting nonprofit organizations by means of such fundraisers, provided that no University funds are used and no University sponsorship is implied.

In rare circumstances the University Sponsorships Committee will consider requests for funding. This committee comprises the Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, the Vice President for Communications and Marketing, the Vice President for Governmental Affairs, and representatives of the Provost, the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, and the President. Circumstances that might lead to exceptional sponsorship of fund-raising events could include:

  • extraordinary recognition of an Emory leader for University-related accomplishments;
  • extraordinary  recognition of the University for leadership in some strategically important sphere;
  • celebration supporting a strategic partner in research, teaching, health care, or social action.

The University does not have a centrally available pool of funds for sponsorships or external fund-raising events; units wishing to sponsor or participate in the rare exception must assume any costs themselves.


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Clarification of Policy  Nancy Seideman  404.727.0640  nancy.seideman@emory.edu 

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