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Policy 8.15
Campus Life Student Organization International Travel Policy

Responsible Official: SVP and Dean for Campus Life
Administering Division/Department: Campus Life
Effective Date: October 01, 2014
Last Revision: August 29, 2018

Policy Sections:


The Emory Division of Campus Life Student Organization International Travel Policy has been developed to set forth a consistent set of standards to be followed by all Student Organizations that sponsor activities that include international travel.



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Policy Details

8.15.1.  Requirements

8.15.2.  Export Control

8.15.3.  Restricted International Travel

8.15.4.  Other Reporting

8.15.5.  Trip Cancellation


This policy applies to international University-Sponsored Activities, as defined herein. Emory University assumes no responsibility for Non-Sponsored Activities, as defined in this policy.


8.15.1.  Requirements


Travel Registration with Campus Life: All Students participating in a University-Sponsored Activity must register their international travel with the Office of Student Leadership and Service (OSLS) at least three weeks prior to departure.

Travel Registration with ISOS: All Students participating in a University-Sponsored Activity must register their international travel with International SOS (ISOS) at least 3 weeks prior to departure. ISOS provides emergency evacuation and other emergency travel support services to Emory international travelers traveling on University sponsored travel.

Travel Waiver Form: All Students participating in a University-Sponsored Activity with international travel must execute a travel release. Forms must be signed and submitted at least three weeks prior to departure.

Travel registration: Student Organizations must complete all components of the required pre-departure checklist. The pre-departure checklist includes detailed plans for trip destinations, travel, accommodations, in country contacts, emergency contingency plans, participant information, and emergency contact information.

Health Insurance: All Students participating in a University-Sponsored Activity are required to have adequate medical insurance.


Laws and Conduct: While abroad, Students are expected to abide by the laws of the host country. Emory regulations concerning student conduct, as defined in the Student Handbook, also apply to Students abroad. Undergraduate Students traveling on a University-Sponsored Activity are strongly discouraged from driving any type of motorized vehicle, especially motorcycles, mopeds, and similar vehicles.


8.15.2.  Export Control


U.S. export control laws may prohibit or restrict taking some laptop computers, other electronic data mobile devices (such as GPS equipment, PDAs/Blackberries, or any device that contains encrypted software) overseas. The Office of Research Compliance has developed checklists that can help you determine whether the “Temporary Export” or “Baggage” license exception is available for the export of this type of equipment and technology.   These checklists are available at  http://www.orc.emory.edu/export-control/forms.html.


If you are unsure about whether your equipment and/or technology is eligible for a license exception, please contact the Office of Research Compliance to seek clarity with regard to compliance with U.S. laws concerning export control.


8.15.3.  Restricted International Travel


Emory University reserves the right to restrict University-Sponsored Activities to countries in a Critical International Situation, or otherwise for the safety of its students.


8.15.4.  Other Reporting


From time to time the University may require Student Organizations to report other information to comply with state or federal laws or University policy.


8.15.5.  Trip Cancellation


Emory reserves the right to suspend or cancel travel by Student Organizations at any time in accordance with its International Travel Guidelines.


If a trip is suspended/cancelled, University support for travel, including but not limited to financial aid, and logistical support, will be withdrawn. Student Organizations may not make use of funding from their self-generated accounted, allocated account, tax-receipted donations, or fundraising events held or disbursed in their Student Organization’s University accounts to support travel that has been suspended/cancelled.

If a student participates in travel that has been suspended or cancelled by the University, he/she does so with the understanding that the travel is in no way supported or sponsored by Emory University. Additionally, the University reserves the right to take appropriate student conduct actions upon the individual’s return. The use of Emory University logos, websites, or other use of the Emory name associated with the proposed suspended travel will be prohibited.



Critical International Situation: situation in a country or region outside of the United States that arises out of political, military, public health, natural disaster, or other circumstances and that poses a greater level of risk or danger to travelers than is typically encountered in travel to that country or region.  If a country or region is (a) subject to a State Department Travel Warning; (b) on the International SOS list of excluded countries for coverage; (c) under an Office of Foreign Assets Control trade or economic embargo; or (d) ranked “High” or “Extreme” on the International SOS risk ratings for either medical or security, it shall be considered to be subject to a Critical International Situation for purposes of this definition. 


Student: any person pursuing studies at Emory, including (1) a person not currently enrolled who was enrolled in the preceding fall, spring, or summer; (2) a person who, while not currently enrolled, was previously enrolled at Emory and may reasonably seek enrollment at a future date; and (3) a person who has applied to and been accepted for admission to Emory and has accepted an offer of admission or may reasonably be expected to enroll.


University-Sponsored Activities (group or individual): any activity, on or off campus, that is initiated, aided, authorized, organized, or supervised by a Student Organization. This includes activities that use the name of a chartered or registered student organization, and also includes activities funded in whole or in part by Emory (e.g. Emory money held or disbursed through a student organization’s self-generated account or the allocated Student Activity Fee account). Additionally, this includes money donated to Emory that is raised by a Student Organization through fundraisers and contributions from other Emory entities, such as other Student Organizations, schools and academic departments, or administrative offices.  


Non-Sponsored Activities: travel that has no connection to Emory University or its educational, research, and service and is not organized by a Student Organization even when participants are recruited through on-campus marketing efforts. Examples include personal travel (vacation), mission/service trips that are unaffiliated with a Student Organization or Emory, and any other travel not described in the definition of “sponsored activities.”

Student Organization: a group of Students who have followed the Emory Student Government Association requirements for recognition. This term includes, but is not limited to, student organizations recognized by the Office of Student Leadership and Service through the Student Government Association, Greek letter organizations recognized by the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, and organizations recognized and/or advised by other administrative units of the University.



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