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Policy 8.12
Student Organization Recognition, Advising, and Activity Fee Policy

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Responsible Official: SVP and Dean for Campus Life
Administering Division/Department: Campus Life
Effective Date: July 11, 2012
Last Revision: July 11, 2012

Policy Sections:



The purpose of this policy is to outline the authority of various entities at Emory University to recognize Student Organizations. Further, the policy outlines the list of benefits that Emory University grants official Student Organizations. Finally, the policy provides for the registration of all Student Organizations on campus so that a comprehensive list of all groups can be maintained.

Policy Details

8.12.1 Rights

8.12.2  Official Registration List

8.12.3  Authorization

8.12.4  Responsibilities of Student Organizations

8.12.5  Benefits to Registration  Available to all Student Organizations at Emory University    Available to Student Organizations who receive recognition from the Emory University Student Government Association.


8.12.1 Rights

Emory University students may organize Student Organizations. In accordance with the Emory University Non-Discrimination Policy, no student shall be denied membership in any Student Organization.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, certain limitations for participation based on major, degree, grade point average, or school of enrollment may be imposed if approved in advance by the Recognizing Body. Student Organizations that wish to make exceptions to enrollment based on religious or other purposes must petition the appropriate Recognizing Body.

8.12.2  Official Registration List

The Division of Campus Life is responsible for maintaining a comprehensive and up to date list of all registered Student Organizations through the Office of Student Leadership & Service staff. All Student Organizations at Emory University who wish to have access to any of the rights, privileges, and benefits outlined in this policy must follow the official registration procedures as outlined by the Division of Campus Life. Such registration list shall be deemed the official list of Student Organizations recognized at Emory University at any time.

8.12.3  Authorization

In order for an organization to be recognized as an official Student Organization, the Student Organization must be registered with the Division of Campus Life and have the approval of a Recognizing Body, using the specified procedures of the Division of Campus Life. Final decision making authority regarding the recognition of a Student Organization resides with the Senior Vice-President and Dean for Campus Life, or his/her designee.

In addition, all Student Organizations must have an official University advisor. For groups recognized by University departments, their advisor is the director/chair of that department or his/her designee. For all groups chartered by the Student Government Association, advisors are required to be a full-time faculty or staff member. The Division of Campus Life grants authority to the Office of Student Leadership and Service to set additional requirements for SGA Advisors.

The Student Government Association is also responsible for managing the Student Activity Fee. Final decision making authority regarding the Student Government Association and the Student Activity Fee resides with the Senior Vice-President and Dean for Campus Life, or his/her designee.

8.12.4  Responsibilities of Student Organizations

All Student Organizations are required to abide by and follow all Emory University policies, rules, and regulations. Any Student Organization that does not follow such policies, rules or regulations will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. These policies include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         The Emory University Undergraduate Student Code of Conduct or a student’s respective graduate and professional school’s codes of ethics and codes of conduct

·         Space Reservation Policies

·         Defensive Driving and Travel Policies

·         Alcohol Policy

·         Anti-Hazing Policy

·         Contract Policy (only for SGA Recognized Student Organizations).

·         Volunteer Event Approval

·         Student Organization Website policies and procedures

·         Catering and Food policies

·         Finance, Administration, and Preferred Vendor policies

·         And a number of others outlined at www.policies.emory.edu and www.osls.emory.edu in the Eagle Source

8.12.5  Benefits to Registration

The following benefits are available, if applicable, to Student Organizations. No student groups who have not followed this policy to become officially recognized Student Organizations have access to these benefits.  Available to all Student Organizations at Emory University

o   Use of Emory University name to identify institutional affiliation (per guidelines of Emory Brand Management) which can include a logo, access to letterhead, and other such benefits.

o   Ability to reserve space
on campus/use space on campus (some charges may apply) and use University meeting rooms and facilitates.  

o   Free organizational advising,
consulting and training by Office of Student Leadership & Service Staff

o   Participation in Student Activity Fairs
as hosted by Campus Life or the Office of Student Leadership & Service

o   Ability to be financially supported
by other University Departments with co-sponsorship funding opportunities.

o   Access to the Student Organization Management database “Community.”

o   Access to a website
supported and hosted by Emory University (all student organization websites must be hosted on University servers and follow University policy).

o   Ability to apply for Grant Opportunities in Campus Life such as Late Night @ Emory, the Student Organization Food Grant managed by SGA and Food Service Administration, etc…

o   Use of the Eagles’ Landing for informal meetings

o   Other benefits as deemed appropriate by various offices, departments, and divisions of Emory University.    Available to Student Organizations who receive recognition from the Emory University Student Government Association.

o   Ability to apply for Student Activity Fee money 

o   Access to Student Organization Locker storage


Department or Division is defined as a department or division of Emory University that has a Director, Department Chair, or similar title.

Recognizing Body is defined as the Department or Division, Emory University Student Government Association or other Emory University authorized governing or recognizing body that may authorize a Student Organization.

Student Organizations are clubs or groups of students that a Recognizing Body has determined will have certain rights and responsibilities that may not be available to other groups of students.

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