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Policy 7.26
Joint Appointments with Emory and Atlanta VA Med Center

Responsible Official: VP for Research Administration
Administering Division/Department: Office of Research Administration
Effective Date: July 01, 2013
Last Revision: August 02, 2018

Policy Sections:


Emory University recognizes the resources and research potential of a good working relationship with Atlanta VA Medical Center. In an effort to simplify and standardize record keeping for effort, time, and compensation, and to insure adherence to federal policies and procedures, we have put in place the following policy to ensure that our mission and commitment to compliance, education and science are maintained.


All Emory University faculty members who are also employees of the Atlanta Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) and who engage in federally funded research at either or both institutions that is routed through the University must complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Policy Details

  • The MOU must specify the title of the investigator’s appointment, the responsibilities (at both the university and the VAMC) of the proposed investigator, and the percent of effort for research. 
  • The VAMC commitment should be expressed as hours per week. 
  • The MOU must be signed by the appropriate officials of Emory and the VAMC, and must be updated with each change of the investigator’s responsibilities or distribution of effort before funding is granted and, without a change, not less than annually.
  • The faculty member’s home department or their Research Administrative Shared Service Center (RASSC) is responsible for initiating and maintaining a current MOU.   The original MOU will be kept on file in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and a copy in the appropriate School or Unit Office of Research.
  • Total professional effort* must be reasonable and there can be no possible overlap in effort and/or dual compensation for the same work. This means that the faculty member cannot receive compensation from both institutions for the same work and effort.
  • The faculty member’s home department or RASSC must submit a draft MOU to OSP with each research proposal submission. OSP will require a signed copy of the MOU for federally funded applications when the just-in-time materials are requested, and for all non-federally funded applications before funding will be released.
  • A new MOU must be submitted November 1 of each year to reconfirm current effort. 
  • A faculty member must expend effort for University funded research on University compensated time unless the MOU shows that the effort is compensated as VAMC effort. This means that a faculty member cannot be compensated by the VAMC for University funded research unless the MOU specifically states that federally funded research is approved as VAMC effort.


Total Professional Effort: The combined University and VA effort.

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Contact Information

Clarification of Policy  Holly Sommers  404-727-2507  hsomme2@emory.edu 

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