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Policy 5.6
ResNet Policy

Responsible Official: Enterprise CIO and Sr. Vice Provost for Library Services and Digital Scholarship
Administering Division/Department: LITS: Library & IT Services
Effective Date: March 31, 2007
Last Revision: July 07, 2017

Policy Sections:


This policy explains the requirements and restrictions on using the Emory Residential Network: ResNet.


This policy applies to anyone who connects a computer or networked device to the Emory Residential Network: ResNet.

Policy Details

Restrictions on ResNet Usage


Computers connected to ResNet are not allowed to function as servers to systems outside the Emory network. Because of a multitude of computer security concerns, including viruses, worms and other types of vulnerabilities, restrictions have been implemented to prevent external computers from initiating connections to computers or networked devices connected to the ResNet network.

Outbound connections from ResNet to either Internet resources or other Emory systems are only restricted for specific security reasons. Users on ResNet are still able to send and receive email across the Internet, browse the Web, and download applications or files. Security restrictions may block attempts to leverage software exploits, deny access to websites that distribute malicious software, or prevent communications with systems suspected of being malicious in nature. Additional restrictions may be implemented in response to security incidents or evolving threats.

In accordance with Emory’s Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy, network traffic from peer-to-peer file sharing software is blocked between all Emory networks and the Internet, including ResNet.

Use of ResNet must also be in alignment with all other Emory policies, including the Information Technology Conditions of Use and Connecting to the Emory Data Network. These policies include restrictions such as prohibitions against extending the Emory network with a wireless access point or switch, not using the network for unethical or illegal purposes, and not using the network in a way that interferes with Emory’s mission or operations.

While a best effort is made to accommodate non-academic uses of ResNet and Emory’s Internet connection, priority is given to usage that is in alignment with Emory’s mission and supporting functions. This may mean that certain network usage is restricted to ensure adequate features, bandwidth and security are available to support Emory’s academic, extracurricular, and business functions.

Requirements for Connecting to ResNet

Before connecting a computer to the Emory Residential Network (ResNet), both for the safety of the network and for the protection of computers and data, the following criteria must be met:

  • Emory University provided anti-virus software must be installed on your computer and be configured to automatically update its signature files and to scan for viruses on a regular basis (daily or weekly). The approved anti-virus software for supported operating systems is available on Software Express at software.emory.edu/express.
  • Computers must have the latest critical patches and updates installed for both the operating system and other software (web browsers, file viewers, etc.).
  • Users must have strong account passwords in order to avoid unwanted hacks and misuse of computers by others.
  • Users must authenticate to ResNet using their Network ID and password and must register each device before it may be used on ResNet. For most devices, registration can be accomplished via the device’s web browser. Manual registration options are available for other devices.


  • Failure to comply with this policy may have legal consequences and may result in:
    • Suspension or termination of access;
    • Disciplinary actions (up to and including termination of employment) in accordance with applicable university policy.


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Contact Information

Clarification of policy  Brad Sanford  404-727-2630  brad.sanford@emory.edu 

Revision History

  • Version Published on: Jul 07, 2017 (Updated sanctions language)
  • Version Published on: Mar 13, 2016 (Removed references to Emory Online media)
  • Version Published on: Mar 15, 2011 (Updated to reflect current operational practices)
  • Version Published on: Jan 18, 2011 (Updated to remove outdated departmental names (such as AAIT).)
  • Version Published on: Mar 29, 2007 (Original Publication)