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Policy 5.4
Connecting to the Emory Data Network

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Responsible Official: Enterprise CIO and Sr. Vice Provost for Library Services and Digital Scholarship
Administering Division/Department: LITS: Library & IT Services
Effective Date: March 31, 2007
Last Revision: March 29, 2007

Policy Sections:


This policy explains the rules about connecting devices to the Emory data network.


This policy applies to anyone connecting a device to the Emory data network.

Policy Details

To maintain Electronic Systems integrity and ensure service availability, Emory Data Network connections and equipment installation are made only by authorized personnel under the direction of Network Communications.

The Emory Data Network is designed to support one Ethernet device per port. Network users are prohibited from installing network communication devices, which provide for simultaneous access by more than one Ethernet device via an Emory Data Network port. Network services and wiring may not be modified or extended beyond the area of their intended use. This applies to all network wiring, hardware, and jacks.

Devices that are network intrusive (monitor, interrupt network services, or change the Emory Data Network topology in any way) are prohibited. Prohibited devices include, but are not limited to, port splitters, hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, multi-homed PC's, and packet/data monitoring equipment/software. All requests for additional Emory Data Network connections or for the relocation of a connection should be directed to Network Communications. Any violations of standards, procedures, or guidelines pursuant to this policy may result in a disconnection of network services with a reconnection fee charged to the offending department after the offending device has been removed. This interruption in services may occur without notice. Exceptions to this policy must be obtained in writing from the Assistant Vice President for Network Communications.

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