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Policy 4.99
Employment (Recruitment)

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Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Recruiting
Effective Date: April 03, 2007
Last Revision: June 19, 2007

Policy Sections:


In accordance with Emory's employment policies, the basic criteria for employee selection or promotion shall be appropriate qualifications in terms of education, experience, training and performance, consistent with Emory's needs. Regular staff positions are posted and filled through Human Resources.

Policy Details

Emory's employment process is designed to assure that: all applicants receive full and fair consideration during the recruitment, screening, interviewing and hiring process; current employees are provided an opportunity to seek other positions for career development; vacancies are filled with those individuals best qualified to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position based on departmental criteria.

The hiring official initiates a requisition form and submits it to Human Resources through their departmental HR Representative when appropriate. Human Resources coordinates the recruitment and referral of applicants with the hiring department.

To attract a broad range of qualified applicants, Human Resources uses a variety of sources to publicize position vacancies including, but not limited to: bulletin boards located outside the Human Resources building, Emoy Healthcare Human Resources and at other central locations on the main and outlying campus areas; a site on the World Wide Web at http://emory.hr.emory.edu/careers.nsf; classified advertisements in newspapers, professional journals and specialty publications; contacts with colleges, universities, professional schools, technical schools, placement agencies and community organizations; contacts with minority, women's, disabled persons' and veterans' organizations; contact with institutions and departments having high enrollments of women, minorities, disabled persons, and/or veterans.

Human Resources reviews applications and resumes to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements as specified in the job description and refers competitively qualified applicants to the hiring official.

Screening interviews are conducted by Human Resources as requested.

The hiring official, in coordination with Human Resources, schedules and conducts interviews with selected applicants.

The hiring official, in consultation with Human Resources, determines to whom a job offer will be extended and the starting salary, which must be equitable and consistent with Emory policy.

Human Resources verifies reference information and degrees in conjunction with the hiring official.

The hiring official communicates an offer of employment to the applicant, contingent on the individual successfully passing the pre-employment criminal background check and drug screening for some University positions; or passing the pre-employment physical which includes a health assessment, drug screening and a criminal background check for Emory Healthcare positions. The hiring official prepares a letter of acceptance/offer to the candidate with a copy to Human Resources.

Faculty, principal and staff positions should be filled through open recruitment methods either through Human Resources or through Equal Opportunity Programs' (EOP) search procedures unless the unusual or term nature of the position requires an administrative decision.

The use of administrative decision procedures is warranted only by special emergency need; change in organizational structure; interdepartmental promotion; and in rare cases, when the job requires such unusual skills, training or education, it could not be reasonably expected that a person with such unique qualifications could be employed by open recruitment.

If a vacancy occurs and the department director determines a current employee possesses the skills, education, experience and other qualifications for the vacant position, the department director may request a waiver of the posting by submitting for approval an Administrative Decision Request Form to Emory Healthcare Human Resources for all Emory Healthcare positions or to the Vice President for Equal Opportunity Programs for University positions.

The administrative decision process is not used to employ persons on a temporary basis.

The hiring official: obtains revised copies of the Administrative Decision Request for Approval form from the EOP office, Human Resources or Emory Healthcare Human Resources; has the school/division affirmative action committee and/or the Emory Healthcare department director review the decision carefully for positions in any of the Emory Healthcare, forwards the request (with job description and application/resume of the proposed candidate) to Emory Healthcare Human Resources. Emory Healthcare Human Resources will forward approved requests to the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs for final approval for non-Emory Healthcare positions, forwards the request with the position description and the application/resume of the proposed candidate directly to the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, 110 Administration Building. For questions regarding non-Emory Healthcare classification, job description and salary range, contact Human Resources.

After review, the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs forwards the request to the final approving authority. The final approving authority for non-Emory Healthcare staff and principal positions is the Vice President for Human Resources or designee.

The final approving authority for faculty is the Provost or the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs. For Emory Healthcare positions, the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs is the final approving authority. The final approving authority retains the signed original request and provides copies to the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and the requesting official. For Emory Healthcare positions, the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs returns the original to Emory Healthcare Human Resources, which forwards a copy to the requesting official.

Upon receiving the approved Administrative Decision Request Form from the final approving authority, the hiring official submits a completed Employee Information Form to the Human Resources office of the University (for University employee) or the Emory Healthcare (for Emory Healthcare employee); or the employee's Human Resources Action Form (for University employee) or Personnel Action Form (for Emory Healthcare employee) to University Human Resources.

The hiring official or designee will be responsible for acquiring reference information and degree verification before a final offer of employment is made to a prospective employee.

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