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Policy 4.89

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Human Resources
Effective Date: April 02, 2007
Last Revision: September 21, 2012

Policy Sections:

Policy Details

To assist employees' in meeting their civic obligation and to allow employees' time to exercise their right to vote.

Employees are encouraged to vote, either before or after work hours. No provisions are made to pay the employee for this time. However, special requests for time off up to two hours must be considered if an employee's work schedule would prevent him/her from voting (such as 12-hour day shift). If the employees hours of work commence at least two hours after the opening of the polls or end two hours prior to closing of the polls, then additional time off is not provided. The department leadership will specify any hours the employee is approved for time off.

Employees who vote in non-local communities should exercise their right to vote by absentee ballot so as to avoid unnecessary absences from work.

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