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Policy 4.67

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Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Employee Relations
Effective Date: March 30, 2007
Last Revision: February 24, 2010

Policy Sections:

Policy Details

To avoid disruption of business operations or disturbance of faculty, staff, patients, and students, the following rules apply to solicitation and distribution of literature on Emory property.

Persons not employed by Emory may not solicit or distribute literature on Emory University or Emory Healthcare property at any time for any purpose. (Employees of vendors and contractors who work regularly and exclusively on Emory University or Emory Healthcare property, however, are subject to the same restrictions on solicitation and distribution as Emory employees.)

Both the solicitation of coworkers, patients, guests, or visitors and the distribution of literature to coworkers, patients, guests, or visitors by Emory employees are strictly prohibited in immediate patient-care areas (including, for example, patients’ rooms and patients’ lounges) on Emory Healthcare property.

Employees may not solicit or distribute literature during working time for any purpose. In addition, employees may not distribute literature at any time in a working area.

Working time does not include break periods and meal times, or other periods during the work day when employees are not engaged in performing their work tasks. Working time includes the working time of both the employee doing the soliciting or distributing and the employee to whom the soliciting and distributing are directed.

Working areas are all areas in the University or Emory Healthcare where employees are performing work. Working areas do not include cafeteria dining areas, employee lounges, lobbies, shuttle buses and parking areas.

Any literature that serves to announce a University sponsored activity/event, inform staff or provide general information to the staff must be displayed on appropriate bulletin boards only. Departments may designate areas within their work areas to post work-related announcements. Any other literature inappropriately displayed on walls, elevators, halls, or work areas are not permitted and will be removed.

Emory University and Emory Healthcare may permit, as a limited exception to these solicitation and distribution rules, a small number of authorized solicitations or distributions by employees on behalf of beneficent causes sponsored by Emory University or Emory Healthcare. Such solicitations must be approved in advance by the Vice President of Human Resources or designee, and should be communicated through the approved communication channels.

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Divisional Director, Organizational Development/Employee Relations   Jeanne D. Thigpen   404-727-7644   persjdt@emory.edu  

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