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Policy 4.6
Employment Through Search Procedures

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Recruiting
Effective Date: March 29, 2007
Last Revision: June 14, 2007

Policy Sections:


In accordance with Emory’s employment policies, the basic criteria for employee selection or promotion shall be appropriate qualifications with regard to education, experience, training and performance, consistent with Emory’s needs.

Policy Details

These procedures apply to all faculty and staff positions not filled through open recruitment by Human Resources or through administrative decision. Search committees are appointed to assist in recruitment and selection of faculty and principal staff positions.

The hiring department must discuss search procedures with an Office of Equal Opportunity Programs staff member prior to proceeding.

The hiring official must contact Human Resources to determine the classification of new positions or to confirm salary information for previously classified positions.

In conjunction with Human Resources, the hiring department develops an advertisement for the position. The advertisement must include the phrase, “Emory University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer” and provide the minimum and preferred qualifications which will be the basis of the hiring decision. The vacancy number must be indicated on the purchase order for the advertisement.

The hiring department must deliver a position description, vacancy announcement/ advertisement and the Search Activity Report (SAR), with Step 1 completed, to the Equal Opportunity Programs office before the search begins.

A Search Guidelines Packet should be obtained from the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs. The packet includes a Self-Identification Form (with vacancy information provided), accompanying cover letter and envelope. In addition, the SAR, once returned from EOP, contains women and people-of-color availability information as well as information regarding any affirmative action hiring goals which may exist for the position.

The search committee must be comprised of three or more persons who represent the diversity of the Emory community.

Each applicant should receive a Self-Identification Form , accompanying cover letter and return envelope regardless of whether the individual meets the minimum qualifications.

After the closing date, the composition of the applicant pool is reviewed (contact EOP for information regarding the composition of the applicant pool). These numbers should be added to Step 3 of the SAR.

The hiring department initiates additional recruitment efforts, if necessary, by: contacting women and minority caucuses within professional organizations; notifying women and minority organizations; targeting advertising in publications with female/minority audiences; soliciting applications from predominately female/minority colleges/universities.

On the basis of the predetermined position requirements and selection criteria, the initial pool of applicants may be reduced to a “short list.” References should be checked for these candidates and between 3 to 5 persons should be selected for interviews.

During the interviews of the final candidates, the individual conducting the interview must ask job-related questions and provide candidates with a position description and other information about Emory. The equitableness of the interview process also must be maintained.

Once interviews are completed, the hiring official lists the final candidates on the SAR, indicating the proposed selection decision and providing detailed explanations as to why each unsuccessful candidate was not interviewed or selected. If a hiring goal exists, or if the position is non-faculty, return the SAR with resumes/curriculum vitae of final candidates to the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs or designee prior to making an employment offer. After review, EOP will forward these materials to Human Resources.

NOTE: For all non-faculty positions, the SAR (including starting salary information) must be approved both by EOP and Human Resources administration prior to an offer.

Once the proposed hiring decision is approved by EOP (plus Human Resources, for non-faculty positions), the hiring department notifies candidates of their selection or non-selection. The completed SAR must be returned to the EOP office within 10 working days of the final selection.

All materials considered in the selection process (including interview notes) should be maintained on file for 3 years.

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