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Policy 4.58
Supplemental Pay Process

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Compensation
Effective Date: March 30, 2007
Last Revision: July 15, 2014

Policy Sections:


The Supplemental pay process was established to expedite and facilitate certain salary payments for monthly paid employees. This process allows for the direct deposit of funds and reduces the waiting time for the types of payments listed below.


Policy Details

A Supplemental Pay Request must be completed by the department via the finance web site at https://www.finance.emory.edu/.index.cfm All requests must include a detailed explanation for the payment.

The following request types require an original signed form to be submitted to and received by the Payroll Office by the specified deadlines found on the Finance web site.

  • Extra Duty Pay
  • Bonus
  • Honorarium Payment
  • Awards

All retroactive payments and vacation leave balance payouts for non-exempt employees do not need a signed original since the basis for these requests can be verified by the Payroll Department on the PeopleSoft System.

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Contact Information

Associate Director,Compensation  Debra Smith  (404) 727-7588  debra.smith@emory.edu 

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