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Policy 4.57
Starting Salaries (Non-Faculty)

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Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Compensation
Effective Date: March 30, 2007
Last Revision: May 07, 2007

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Human Resources is responsible for providing guidance to hiring departments to ensure that starting salaries offered to external candidates are market competitive, internally equitable and non-discriminatory. Designated employment recruiters generally work with hiring officials to determine starting salaries for positions filled through open recruitment and the Compensation Department provides consultation for jobs filled through the administrative decision process. Consideration will be given to the candidate's education and related work experience, pay rates and credentials of existing employees in the job, available funding, and the availability of qualified candidates in the work force when determining starting salaries.

For jobs which do not require previous related work experience or where the candidate's qualifications meet only the minimum requirement of the position, the starting salary offered will generally be the minimum of the salary range.

For positions where previous work experience contributes to the candidate's ability to perform the job and/or for jobs which are market-sensitive, the hire rate will be determined based on years of related experience. Up to 4% per year may be granted for years of experience which exceed the minimum qualifications, with the percentage for each year determined by the applicability of that year's experience to the new position.

Starting salaries generally should not exceed the midpoint of the range.

The starting salary, as calculated above, is generally the maximum rate which will be offered to the candidate. The department may decide that a lower rate is necessary due to budget constraints or internal equity issues. The departmental hiring official, considering advice received from Human Resources, will determine the starting salary using the formula described above.

Departments are not permitted to solicit or exchange salary information with other employers. Calls from other organizations regarding salary data should be referred to the Compensation Department.

The classification and salary for all non-faculty positions filled through a search must be reviewed by Human Resources.

At the beginning of the search process, the department should contact the Compensation Department to determine an appropriate classification and to review the hiring range for the job.

Before salaries are preliminarily discussed or an offer is extended to the selected candidate, the department should provide the Compensation Department with the candidate's resume. Starting salaries for external candidates will be determined using the criteria previously mentioned for positions filled through open recruitment and administrative decision.

The Search Activity Report (SAR) form must be approved both by EOP and Human Resources before an offer is extended.

These procedures apply to all non-faculty searches, exclusive of deans and vice presidents.

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