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Policy 4.42
Inclement Weather

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Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Human Resources
Effective Date: January 27, 2010
Last Revision: March 25, 2010

Policy Sections:


This policy is intended to ensure that essential University facilities and functions remain operational during inclement weather without jeopardizing the safety of employees.

Policy Details

In the event of severe weather conditions, the University may deem it necessary to close Emory officially or delay normal reporting times. (This policy does not apply to employees of Emory Hospitals.) The inclement weather policy is in effect seven days a week. An inclement weather closure should not be viewed merely as a day off, but rather an event that is predicated by unsafe conditions.  The closure is predicated on unsafe conditions outside the control of Emory, and is done so with consideration of the safety of employees and students and to keep them from experiencing undue hardship in getting to work or class.

Emory will open at a specified time to be announced by 5:30 a.m. on the inclement weather line (404-727-1234). Emory's website, local radio, and television stations will be notified, although there may be delays in the on-air announcements. If it is not possible to specify an opening time, but it is expected that Emory will open at some point during the day, an announcement to this effect will be made.

Managers should be flexible regarding their employees’ report times, as weather conditions near the employee’s home may necessitate late arrival or the employee’s inability to report for the day. 

Classes, examinations and operations will be cancelled, except for essential Hospitals, Division of Animal Resources, Campus Services, Food Services, Academic and Administrative Information Technology, Network Communications, Campus Police and Yerkes employees.

It is important to note that while the University campus is closed, some business operations may continue to the extent possible and practical. As such, employees who have the access to work from home are expected to do so.

After discussion with the consultative group, The Provost (or EVP for Finance and Administration in Provost’s absence) will contact the University Communications Office, who will change the message on the inclement weather line (404-727-1234), post a notice on Emory's website, and contact the local broadcast media. Due to possible delays in the media reporting the announcement, employees should call 404-727-1234 for University delayed openings or closing information.

Department heads are responsible for designating and notifying in advance the necessary staff to sustain operations during an emergency of this nature. Employees that are so designated must report to duty even in the event of an Emory closing or delayed opening.

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Divisional Director, Organizational Development/Employee Relations   Jeanne D. Thigpen   404-727-7644   persjdt@emory.edu  

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