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Policy 4.3
Faculty Staff Assistance & Wellness Program (FSAP)

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Faculty, Staff Assistance Services
Effective Date: March 29, 2007
Last Revision: October 17, 2008

Policy Sections:



The Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) provides professional counseling and consultative services designed to enhance the health, performance and well-being of individuals and organizational units, while also fostering a greater sense of community.

In this capacity, it functions as a resource for faculty, staff, physicians, administrators, and their family members. It also serves as a management support system for leadership.

Services provided by the FSAP are confidential and are rendered in private office locations to ensure the comfort of the clients that are served.


The program is available to the faculty, staff, and family members of those employed by the Emory University and Emory Healthcare. House staff members in the Residency Training Program, School of Medicine are also served by the FSAP.

Policy Details


The FSAP staff assists clients with identifying options, strategies and resources for addressing issues and concerns impacting their ability to live or work in a healthy manner.

Services include professional consultations and interventions for a wide range of individual and organizational behaviors, issues, and needs provided in three core areas, which include:

  • behavioral mental health,
  • organizational dynamics, and
  • health promotion and wellness

The FSAP offers confidential and professional consulting, counseling, education, and referral services, which cover areas such as family and spousal/ partner relationships, parenting, and eldercare concerns; alcohol and substance abuse, as well as other addictive behaviors; financial pressures; legal issues; psychological issues (i.e., depression, anxiety), stress, conflict; career counseling and work-related matters.

Clients are encouraged to call the FSAP before a concern becomes a crisis. Any change, however subtle, in productivity, competency, attendance or behavior is often the first indicators that help may be needed.

Licensed professional mental health providers committed to client respect and privacy offer behavioral mental health services in a confidential location.

The FSAP provides organizational development, assessment and intervention services to enhance the overall effectiveness of departments, units and/or divisions.

Leadership consultations are conducted via preliminary needs analyses to determine the focus of the organizational challenge, which may relate to change management, communication difficulties, conflict issues, and/or strategy planning and development.

These process consultation services are custom designed following a comprehensive needs assessment, involving both leadership and staff members.

The FSAP also provides services to enhance individual and organizational health and wellness. A comprehensive program designed to deliver health education and wellness services to Emory departments and locations complements the many services available through the Emory HealthCare. Further information about wellness is available by calling 727-WELL.

FSAP services may be accessed directly by individuals or through supervisory recommendations or referrals.

Individuals seeking services for themselves or a family member are encouraged to call the FSAP directly for information or to schedule an appointment or consultation.

The FSAP seeks to support emotional health and well-being by working with individuals to address concerns before they negatively impact the person or their workplace performance. Thus, early consultations and interventions are strongly encouraged.

While the FSAP does offer crisis intervention and debriefing services for individuals and groups, it encourages utilization of its services early and often, before a crisis develops or before a change in productivity, attendance or behavior becomes a debilitating pattern.

The FSAP is a resource whenever an individual indicates to leadership that a personal concern or problem exists, even though there may be no immediate or discernible impact on work performance. Leadership is encouraged to recommend that an individual visit or consult with the FSAP at the first indication of a behavior change (however subtle or slight) in productivity, competency, attendance or performance.

The FSAP provides consultative services regarding the behavior and group dynamics of Emory’s departmental units, and the impact on individual and organizational effectiveness. As such, it serves as a resource of education and information for administrators, managers, supervisors and others in sorting through organizational, behavioral or performance issues. In addition, the FSAP will assist leadership with identification of interventions strategies, as well as providing consultation about when and how to recommend/refer someone to the FSAP.

In certain instances, leadership may determine in consultation with the FSAP that referring an individual to the FSAP is advisable and necessary. Such referral is generally based upon a demonstrated pattern of declining productivity, erratic attendance or atypical behavior. To make a referral, a supervisor must first consult directly with the FSAP. This confidential consultation is designed to review facts, perceptions, observations and circumstances in order to determine the most appropriate way of proceeding.

All FSAP services are confidential. Clients generally control what they want to share about their situation and with whom they want to share information. (Faculty Staff Assistance Programs do have a “duty to protect and warn” under certain prescribed circumstances.)

When an individual comes to the office as a supervisory referral, the clinician will verify to the referring supervisor that the employee is working with the FSAP. While the FSAP may provide ongoing consultation with the supervisor, details or information about the type or nature of services will not be provided except as authorized by the client.

The FSAP does not provide a shelter or protection from adverse consequences of such acts as erratic attendance, unsatisfactory productivity or unacceptable behavior. In addition, utilization of FSAP services may not be held or used against an individual. The program offers an opportunity and a method for identifying and dealing with the underlying cause(s) of performance-impairing issues.

Individuals who utilize FSAP services may do so at no loss in pay and without using any accrued leave time. Where a clinical assessment indicates that time away from work is warranted, it may be necessary for an individual to request and use appropriate leave.

The FSAP is a pivotal and important resource for assessing whether it is appropriate for an individual to be at work. The FSAP is available to certify, based on clinical review, an individual’s need to be absent from work or the need for a medical leave of absence. The FSAP also is available to facilitate communications regarding an individual’s return to work from FMLA or medical leave.

Assessments and short-term sessions with the FSAP’s licensed clinicians are provided at no cost to employees or family members. The FSAP maintains program and referral linkages with EmoryCare and EmoryChoice providers, as well as with other community resources to facilitate the appropriate referrals, when additional services are indicated based upon a client’s clinical needs and/or financial circumstances.

The FSAP is based at the Emory Wellness Center, located at 1762 Clifton Road, Suite P1100. The FSAP also maintains an office at Crawford Long Hospital in the Orr Building, 550 Peachtree Street, Third Floor.

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Director, FSAP  Paula G Gomes PsyD  404-727-4328  paula.gomes@emory.edu 

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