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Policy 4.20
Education, Training & Career Development

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Human Resources
Effective Date: March 29, 2007
Last Revision: June 19, 2007

Policy Sections:


Emory offers specialized training programs and career counseling to employees for career enhancement. Departments are encouraged to support employees in their participation. The professional development of each employee is an important element of Emory’s Affirmative Action Program. Efforts should be made to assure that all employees are encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Policy Details

If an Emory employee is approved to attend an Emory-sponsored class or program (such as the Skills Enhancement Process, ABE/GED, Career Counseling, or courses from Human Resources, Information Technology Division), the employee will be paid for the hours he or she normally is at work.

Click here to access Human Resources course information.

Nonexempt employees attending required training which will extend their workweek beyond 40 hours will receive overtime.

Human Resources coordinate and/or conduct a variety of learning and personal development programs. These programs, which are scheduled throughout the year, are offered at no cost to the employee. Some classes may require a fee which is paid by the department. In addition, Human Resources provides customized programs when requested to assist departments in fulfilling their learning, organizational, and development needs.

Departmental Training
The department head should assure that each new employee is fully instructed on the duties and responsibilities of the assigned job and that the employee is provided the necessary training and tools to perform the job.

Each department or unit is responsible for providing job-related training and development opportunities for its employees. Such training is coordinated within the resources of the department and conducted according to the responsibilities, objectives and goals of the department or unit.

Upon supervisory approval, employees may utilize the resources of Emory for both personal and job-related development. The Emory libraries, numerous lectures and other informational programs are scheduled throughout the year.

The Emory Center for Lifelong Learning coordinates a series of evening non-credit courses, which cover a variety of subjects. Employees may enroll in one or more of these courses.

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