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Policy 4.17

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Recruiting
Effective Date: March 29, 2007
Last Revision: August 03, 2018

Policy Sections:

Policy Details

Emory provides new employees and current employees who have changed to a benefit eligible status with an Online Orientation process. The Online Orientation process ensures that faculty and staff are provided essential information and the opportunity to begin their orientation to Emory immediately after the hiring offer is made. The Online Orientation process ensures that Emory acquires certain required documents to be compliant with federal and state regulations.

Hiring Managers or their departmental Human Resources Representatives initiate the Emory HR Pre-start Service which provides Online Orientation access to newly hired faculty and staff.

Newly hired faculty and staff will receive an email invitation to complete a variety of activities through the Online Orientation process prior to their first day of employment including:

  1. Completion of required documentation* – Personal Information verification, I-9, W4, and G4.
  2. Reviewing and reading required information* – Policies, Trust Line, and Emory Health and Safety.
  3. Reviewing the benefits and services available to employees** – Parking & Transportation, Payroll, and Human Resources.
  4. Learning about the history and culture of the University – Welcome from President Sterk, Emory’s history, vision statement and Strategic Plan, as well as information on the Arts, Athletics, Community Involvement, etc.

* Each of these sections requires an electronic signature that is stored and tracked via a database.

**Should the employee want additional information regarding Emory’s medical benefits they can sign-up for an in-person review session through the online orientation website.

It is important to note that new employees have 31 days from their date of hire to enroll in their benefits. Failure to enroll within the 31-day window will result in the employee having to wait until the annual benefits enrollment period, typically held in the Fall of each year, to select coverage.


In addition to the general orientation process, a departmental-specific orientation should be provided for newly hired faculty and staff.

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Manager, Employee Services  Kay Manning  727-7550  kmannin@emory.edu 

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