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Policy 4.16
Employee Referral Program (Suspended)

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Recruiting
Effective Date: April 01, 2009
Last Revision: December 12, 2013

Policy Sections:

Policy Details

In an effort to keep Emory University focused on the commitment of reducing costs during these challenging economic times, the Employee Referral Program has been temporarily suspended.  However, we continue to encourage all employees to promote Emory University as a Destination Employer.

In accordance with this suspension, no referral bonuses will be rewarded to employees for anyone hired on April 01, 2009 or later.

 If you need to inquire about a bonus for someone hired prior to April 01, 2009, please make sure that you have available the following information:


·         Your full name as it appears on your paycheck

·         Your employee I.D.

·         Your department name as it appears on your paycheck

·         The full legal name of the employee you referred

·         An approximate start date for the employee you referred


If you have any other questions please refer to the Employee Referral Program homepage, http://emory.hr.emory.edu/erp, or you may contact Human Resources at the main number, 404-727-7611 for additional assistance.


*Please note: This is in regards to the Emory University Employee Referral Program. If your friend or peer was hired by Emory Healthcare, please refer to their Employee Referral homepage, http://www.eushc.org/departments/humanresources/Career/EmployeeRef.html

Emory reserves the right to amend, interpret, terminate or suspend this program at any time.

For the additional information, visit http://emory.hr.emory.edu/erp

The employee referral program was developed to address Emory’s critical hiring needs. The program encourages employees to refer qualified candidates for open positions. If an employee refers a qualified candidate, he or she will receive $250 (before applicable taxes) if the candidate is hired and remains in the position in good standing for at least 90 days.

If a candidate is hired into one of the following positions and or position categories, he/she will receive $500 (before applicable taxes)

· Cardiac Cath Technologists
· Clinical Technologists
· Cyto Technologists
· Laboratory Technologists
· Medical Records Coders (Certified)
· Nuclear Cardiology
· Operating Room Technologists
· Pharmacists
· Pharmacy Technologists
· Radiology Technologists
· Registered Nurses
· Research Nurses
· Therapists

All regular full-time and part-time employees of Emory University and Emory Healthcare may participate in the employee referral program.

Previous Emory employees, contract temporary help agency employees, student employees, and candidates referred by a direct report hiring officials are not eligible for referral in the program.

Referrals are made by applicants listing employee’s name when completing a paper application or entering the employee’s name when registering online. Upon hire of a referral the current Emory employee whose name is listed in our system at that time will be the one paid the referral fee after 90 days.

Information on this program will always be available on Emory’s Human Resources website. Campus publications will periodically update employees on the referral program. Posters and referral forms will be distributed to departments. This information will help employees provide accurate and comprehensive information to potential referrals.

Emory University Human Resources Employment staff and Emory Healthcare Human Resources staff are not eligible to participate in this program.

Emory reserves the right to amend, interpret, terminate or suspend this program at any time.

For the additional information, visit http://emory.hr.emory.edu/erp


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Manager, Open Recruiting  Cathy Patton  404-727-7191  cathy.patton@emory.edu 

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