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Policy 4.118
Obtaining a Social Security Number

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Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Data Services
Effective Date: August 14, 2012
Last Revision: September 16, 2015

Policy Sections:


 As an employer, Emory University is required to record and report employees’ earnings to the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration and other federal and state agencies. While a social security number is not required to be hired and initially paid, one is required to remain active on the University payroll.


Under this policy, all Emory University employees working for pay must obtain and provide a valid United States social security number, no later than the first day of work for pay by completing section 1 of their electronic Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I9). No individual, department, division or school should allow faculty, staff or students who are working for pay, to work without first completing an I9.  

 Foreign Nationals who are eligible to work in the United States, based on their visa status may not have a social security number at the time of employment as they are required to be in the United States several days before they may apply for a number. In these cases, the employee must apply for a social security card after 10 days of being the US or within the time frame prescribed by  Emory’s International Student and Scholars Services Office, www.emory.edu/isss/, whichever is sooner. The employee should keep the receipt from the Social Security Administration indicating that an application has been filed. Upon receipt of the social security card, a copy should be provided to the Human Resources Representative in the employees’ department or faxed to Human Resources Data Services at 404-727-4008. 

Non-Services Fellows

Foreign Nationals studying at Emory and receiving a stipend without performing a service are not eligible to apply for a social security number, unless they become employed and begin working for pay.  If the foreign national becomes employed/ begins working for pay, the student must apply for a social security card and provide it to their department and Payroll for Form I9, E-Verify and tax purposes.  

 Failure to apply for and provide a valid US Social Security number within 90 days from date of hire may result in termination of employment.

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Data Services Manager   Susan Newborn  404.727.7563   sjacks2@emory.edu 

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