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Policy 4.111
Animals in Buildings

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Health and Safety
Effective Date: January 15, 2009
Last Revision: January 29, 2009

Policy Sections:

Policy Details

Because of restrictions governing University insurance policies, concerns for the integrity of research projects, and interest in the welfare of faculty, students, staff, and visitors, it is the policy of Emory University that animals not be permitted in University buildings.


This policy does not apply to animals used for approved research or to service animal such as guide dogs. It does apply to all domestic and feral animals and to all Emory University buildings used for teaching, research, office work, retail, and shop work.

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Contact Information

Director, Division of Animal Resources   Dr. Michael Huerkamp   404-727-3248  mhuerka@dar.emory.edu 

Revision History

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