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Policy 4.1
Employment of Temporary Employees

Responsible Official: VP for Human Resources
Administering Division/Department: Recruiting
Effective Date: March 28, 2007
Last Revision: June 05, 2007

Policy Sections:


Temporary employees may be hired for a specified period of time through two methods: being placed directly on the payroll through the hiring department for long term assignments or through Emory Temporary Services (ETS) for short term assignments.


Faculty and Staff

Policy Details

All temporary employment should be for projects of a limited duration, for filling in for regular employees on leave, or for a defined temp-to-hire program. Work that will need to be performed on an on-going basis is not appropriate for temporary employees and those positions should be filled with regular employees through the normal recruiting process.

Short term assignments of 6 months or less must be engaged through ETS. The procedure for requesting this type of temporary staff member is outlined below. These employees will not receive benefits.

Long term assignments are defined as those that will continue for at least 6 consecutive months but may not exceed a period of 9 consecutive months in a temporary part-time capacity or 12 months in a temporary full-time capacity. Approval for extending the length of the assignment must be given by the appropriate Vice-President/Dean and the Director of University Recruiting.

Employees hired directly through a department and classified as "Full time 6 months" will receive benefits from date of hire. Only temporary employees classified as "Full time 6 months" are eligible for benefits. Part time temporary employees are not eligible for benefits.

Former employees who have left in good standing and retirees may return as temporary employees through Emory Temporary Services (ETS), after there has been a 90 day break in service. Retirement benefits would commence immediately upon rehire if the employee formerly participated in the Emory retirement plan.

Consultants hired by department officials should possess a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and should submit invoices for payment through Accounts Payable.

Former employees cannot submit invoices for consulting services in the same tax year as previous employment occurred. Former employees who return as a consultant should be rehired into a temporary position. The department’s designated recruiter is available to advise the appropriate procedure for hiring returning employees as consultants.

Departments may request temporary staff through Emory Temporary Services (ETS) on-line at:


You may contact a recruiter any time at 404-727-7590

The following information should be provided:
Contact Name
Phone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
Department Name
Account Number
Skill Set Needed
Beginning Date
Length of Assignment
Dress Code
Reason for assignment (i.e., vacation, illness, leave, vacancy, special project)

ETS will confirm the name of the temporary employee with the department contact. After the assignment begins, any change or ending of the assignment should be coordinated through ETS.

Temporary employees for short-term assignments will be hired by ETS. Upon completion of the hiring process, they will be set up in Emory’s Time and Attendance System (TAS.) Employees placed in assignments will be required to “time in” and “time out” daily using this system. Any discrepancies should be reported to ETS immediately.

Temporary employees will be paid an hourly rate based on the skill set requested by the department. Hourly rates are decided by a salary schedule developed by the Director of University Recruiting.

Billing will be done biweekly through intercompany transfer. ETS will provide a notice of charges pending prior to submission of these charges. Any discrepancies should be reported to ETS.

Employees must attend ETS orientation prior to accepting an assignment at Emory. At orientation, employees will fill out the personal section of the Human Resources Action Form (HRAF), I-9, W-4, G-4, and direct deposit form.

Employees will be briefed on Emory’s Policies and Procedures, parking, and payroll. In addition, the temporary employees will be counseled on proper attire, personal conduct, and attendance. Training on procedures for using Emory’s Time and Attendance System (TAS) will also be conducted.

The following materials will be included in the orientation packet:

  • Emory At a Glance brochure
  • ETS Policies and Procedures booklet
  • Time and Attendance System brochure
  • Parking Rules and Regulations brochure
  • Shuttle Schedule
  • Campus Map

Temporary employees will be paid on a biweekly cycle.  The University does not distribute paychecks on campus.  A direct deposit form will be provided prior to the beginning of the first assignment.  If the employee does not have a bank account, he/she must sign up for the CashPay program.

Assignments may be terminated by the department at any time. If an assignment is terminated due to inability to perform the assigned tasks, the temporary employee will be re-evaluated and a new assignment granted.

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Revision History

  • Version Published on: Jun 05, 2007 (New ETS contact information was added)
  • Version Published on: May 09, 2007 (Amended 5/09/07)
  • Version Published on: Apr 06, 2007 (Original Publication)