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Policy 3.5
Solicitation by Third Parties

Responsible Official: VP for Development & University Relations
Administering Division/Department: Office of Annual Giving
Effective Date: February 14, 2005
Last Revision: March 29, 2007

Policy Sections:


The Office of Development and Alumni Relations is pleased to provide support for special fundraising projects, to the extent resources and logistics permit, to third parties when the purpose complements and supports the University’s mission and objectives. 

In order to coordinate a multitude of fundraising efforts, to avoid duplication and to provide the best service possible, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and Emory Annual Fund must be informed of all proposed fundraising initiatives in advance of any fundraising activity.


Third-party fundraising is any fundraising effort for, or on behalf of, the University by any individual, affiliated group or organization outside the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. The policy covers any project:

  1. That conducts direct mail, e-mail, telephone, fundraising events or other solicitation appeals for individuals.
  2. That conducts appeals to local, regional, national or international foundations or organizations. (Additional advance approval by the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations is necessary).

Policy Details

3.5.1  Conditions of Approval

3.5.2  Guidelines for Support

3.5.1  Conditions of Approval

  1. The proposed solicitation project must be consistent with the mission and vision of Emory University, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and the Emory Annual Fund.
  2. Requests for approval should include a list of the individuals to be approached and/or the criteria for generating a list from Emory’s database, their affiliation (if any) with Emory, the anticipated date of the solicitation(s), the amount(s) to be solicited and the program/project for which support is requested.
  3. So that solicitation by third parties (through direct mail, e-mail, telephone, fundraising events or other solicitation appeals) does not overlap with solicitations by the Emory Annual Fund, timing of third party solicitations must be approved in advance by the Emory Annual Fund and will be limited to three per year. Exceptions are subject to the review and approval of the Emory Annual Fund.
  4. The requesting third party agrees to pay for all solicitation materials, i.e. pledge cards, business reply envelopes, postage, etc. incurred in the course of the solicitation(s).   

3.5.2  Guidelines for Support

  1. Once a third party’s solicitation plan is approved, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations will appoint a lead development officer responsible for assisting with the solicitation. This lead development officer must convene a meeting comprising the Associate Vice President for Annual Giving, the Production Coordinator, the Director of Publications and the Designer assigned to the project to coordinate the production and mailing of all solicitation materials. A checklist should be prepared to ensure that all necessary materials, including business reply envelopes, are produced timely and consistent with Emory’s publication and mailing practices.
  2. Appeals to any constituents of Emory (alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, friends, etc.) may include a request for specific dollar amounts for support up to $2,500. An internal appeal code will be assigned to assist in tracking gifts.
  3. To avoid competing appeals, at least twelve (12) weeks must elapse before an individual can be solicited by a third party if they already have been solicited by a school, unit, program or division of Emory.   Exceptions are subject to the review and approval of the Emory Annual Fund.
  4. Due to privacy concerns, donor confidentiality and University policy we cannot provide address, phone, e-mail, employment, giving history or any other constituent information. 
  5. All appeals will be assigned a completion date according to the needs of the project but no longer than one year from the start of the project. Exceptions are subject to the review and approval of the Emory Annual Fund.
  6. All funds raised will be placed in a holding account until the end of the appeal or the stated fundraising goal is reached.   A determination will be made (based on how much money has been raised) as to whether to designate the funds as expendable or to create an endowed fund in support of the purpose stated in the appeal. The University must ensure funds are designated and expended in accordance with the approved appeal objective.
  7. While in the holding account, received funds will not receive interest income of any kind.
  8. Upon completion of the solicitation, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and the Emory Annual Fund will provide the third party with the names of all donors who made gifts to the project, the total number of donors and the total dollar amount raised.
  9. The University will issue charitable gift receipts to donors in accordance with IRS guidelines. As an additional service, upon request, a personalized thank you (letter or e-mail) will be sent to donors on behalf of the third party. Requests from a third party for personalized thank you letters is subject to Emory Annual Fund review and, if approved, will be coordinated by the University.



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Forms and Attachments

  • Third Party Special Solicitation Reqest Form : download

Contact Information

Clarification of Policy  Francine Cronin  404.727.4245  francine.a.cronin@emory.edu 

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