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Policy 3.4
Campus Organization Solicitation Policy

Responsible Official: VP for Development & University Relations
Administering Division/Department: Office of Annual Giving
Effective Date: September 01, 1998
Last Revision: July 16, 2018

Policy Sections:


Campus Organizations have the right to recruit a supporting constituency, one that is interested in the work of the organization and in supporting it with charitable contributions. These organizations may schedule and generate targeted solicitations to their existing members, donors, and other interested parties (i.e., those who have opted in to a specific mailing list for the group).

Policy Details

Campus Organizations must work with the appropriate development staff in their area and the Office of Annual Giving to schedule and generate their targeted solicitations. All entities selected for solicitation must be housed in AWA, Emory’s database of record, and filtered for privacy requests.


Campus organizations may also request special one-time permission to solicit entities within Emory’s database beyond their current members, donors, or other interested parties who may respond to their unique offer. To avoid overwhelming the Emory community with requests for support, these types of special mail or email solicitations are limited to three per year, and the same organization can only apply for consideration once every four years.


The request must first be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Chief Development Officer or Vice President before being submitted for approval by the Leadership Team of DAR. As above, the organization must then work with the Office of Annual Giving to schedule the approved mail or email solicitation.  All costs incurred are the responsibility of the group requesting the solicitation and will be billed to the appropriate Smartkey.


Official gift receipts for any gifts generated will be mailed directly to donors from the Office of Gift Records as all charitable gifts are received and processed by that office.  An email notification can be requested to notify the appropriate parties as gifts are entered into AWA.


Campus Organizations: all organizations that have official status at Emory (i.e., that are organized by the University or are recognized by one of its Divisions as sanctioned by the University).

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Contact Information

Clarification of Policy  Office of Annual Giving  404-727-6200  annualgiving@emory.edu 

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