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Policy 3.3
Exclusion of Prospects and Donors from Emory Annual Fund Solicitations

Responsible Official: VP for Development & University Relations
Administering Division/Department: Annual Fund
Effective Date: May 08, 2006
Last Revision: March 29, 2007

Policy Sections:


A gift to the Annual Fund is the foundation for any major gift. The typical Annual Fund gift is most often given from discretionary income, whereas a major gift usually is derived from other forms of capital. 

The main objective of every Annual Fund solicitation is to maximize dollar support and donor participation, while also creating a history of giving that most often serves as the foundation for a major or planned gift. Moreover, Annual Fund solicitations are often seen as quite distinct from major or planned gifts, which should be “over and above” the prospect’s annual support. Therefore, in order for the Annual Fund to contribute effectively to the overall fundraising success of Emory and its Schools and Units, it is necessary that all prospects and donors are available for solicitation throughout the calendar and fiscal year.


This policy applies to any school or unit that requests exclusion of any prospects/donors from Annual Fund solicitation.

Policy Details

In order to ensure that all donors are solicited from the central Annual Fund office, prospect and donor records must not under normal circumstances be excluded from the existing prospect pool via special handling or other means.   In light of this, no prospects or donors may be excluded from any Emory Annual Fund solicitations (defined as including, but not necessarily limited to, the following: The Emory Telefund, direct mail, e-mail solicitations, and e-flash distribution) for any purpose except in an instance in which the donor himself or herself expressly requests to be removed.

In the event that a donor or prospect actively requests to be excluded from Annual Fund solicitations, his or her record will be coded with the appropriate special handling notation by a member of the Alumni and Development Records (ADR) staff.

Since the Emory Annual Fund has a standing purpose as the primary solicitation contact for Emory University as a whole, all exclusionary special handling requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis by a senior staff member of the Emory Annual Fund prior to dissemination to ADR for a special handling code and/or update.

In the case of grateful patients, because these donors are a distinctly different pool than alumni, parents and other friends, Health Sciences Development will be the primary contact for grateful patient solicitations. Health Sciences Development will work together with the Emory Annual Fund to develop appropriate acquisition, renewal and retention strategies for grateful patients.

If a development officer would like to make a request to remove a prospect from any solicitation pool, that request must be sent first to the appropriate Vice President for Development (Health Sciences or University Programs). If that Vice President approves the request, he or she will forward it to the Emory Annual Fund for review and approval.

Upon approval of the exclusion request by the aforementioned senior staff member, the corresponding donor record will be coded with the appropriate special handling code that effectively excludes it from Emory Annual Fund solicitation procedures.

Only under very special circumstances will a special handling or exclusion request not actively requested by the donor or prospect be honored.


Annual gift: An annual gift is any contribution made to the University that is considered repeatable within an annual time frame. This excludes planned gifts (e.g., bequests, charitable trusts, charitable annuities, etc.), gifts-in-kind, and targeted campaign or special purpose gifts.

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Contact Information

Clarification of Policy  Francine Cronin  404.727.4245  francine.a.cronin@emory.edu 
Clarification of Policy  Benjamin Tompkins  404.727.8073  benjamin.tompkins@emory.edu 

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