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Policy 3.13
Alumni Volunteer Charitable Support Policy

Responsible Official: VP for Development & University Relations
Administering Division/Department: Alumni Relations
Effective Date: May 01, 2007
Last Revision: July 17, 2018

Policy Sections:


Charitable events are means for Emory alumni to congregate and serve the greater community in the name of Emory University.

 It is in the interests of both Emory alumni and Emory University that the Emory Alumni Association (the “EAA”)

  • sponsor and promote opportunities, which allow alumni to volunteer in charitable events, or those events that support the University’s interest in public service; and
  • provide opportunities for alumni to host events with a philanthropic purpose or that benefit Emory-affiliated charitable organizations.


From time to time, the EAA receives requests from alumni to support charitable programs with volunteers or fundraising support. To ensure that all proposals for supporting charitable events and programs meet the goals of the EAA and have been assessed for organizational and tax-related risk, these Policies and Procedures have been adopted by the Emory Alumni Board of the EAA.

Policy Details

Emory University and the EAA shall not permit the promotion of any event that is perceived to benefit an organization whose mission is not in accordance with Emory University’s or a private individual. Emory University and the EAA also shall not permit, in connection with any event, fund or member solicitation for an organization not affiliated with Emory University. Programs or events requiring volunteer time or service to non-Emory affiliated organizations are permitted provided that the organization meet the criteria outlined in this policy.   Non-Emory affiliated charitable programs or events requiring registration fees or individual fundraising efforts are permitted only if no University resources are used in order to solicit or promote the solicitation of funds. In addition, the EAA shall not provide any sponsor organization or non-Emory charitable organization with any list of Emory University alumni, whether limited by location, class year or otherwise, except for a participant sign-in sheet if required for participation in an event. Each organization and each other person involved in the planning, design or presentation of an event shall be required to agree not to violate this policy nor use any name obtained in connection with any charitable event for any solicitation, political or business purpose. While not endorsing any particular organization, the Senior Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs and the EAA staff will review and approve all charitable events that meet the criteria set forth below.


1.             Each organization seeking support of a specific program or event must provide the following documents to the EAA:

a.      Description of the organization to be supported and its mission

b.    Description of the event, including its general purpose, the roles of volunteers, if any, details regarding any proposed fund solicitation and the recipient individuals or organization of those funds.

2.      Upon receipt of a complete application package, the EAA will conduct a risk assessment of the proposal, which will include consideration of at least the following:

a.       Organizational Risk: Does the organization comply with the policies set forth above and otherwise meet the ethical and professional standards of the EAA? Is it consistent with the EAA’s mission and strategic objectives? Will the event benefit or be of interest to alumni? Will the event fill an EAA program need? 

b.    Business and Legal Risk: Does the program adhere to the EAA’s policy limiting fundraising to only organizations affiliated with Emory University? Will any political activity or lobbying occur at the event? Is there a risk of adverse publicity or an adverse reaction from alumni or other important constituencies, such as other academicians, politicians, religious groups, etc.? What is the likelihood of an adverse impact occurring, and how severe will it be? Under no circumstances can the EAA be involved in a political campaign.   

If either the likelihood of an adverse impact or its probable severity is high, the event cannot be co-sponsored, publicized or otherwise supported by the Emory Alumni Association. If both are considered moderate or are unclear, the Executive Director of the Emory Alumni Association should be consulted.

3.      If the application satisfies the foregoing Policies and Procedures, the EAA will also review the application for suitability in one of the following programs: 

a.       In the Atlanta metropolitan area, the Atlanta Affinity Groups, in conjunction with the Emory Alumni Association, will consider the event in its calendar planning and determine whether it can be co-sponsored or publicized by Emory University through its Emory Alumni Association.

b.       Outside the Atlanta metropolitan area, the regional chapter leadership, in conjunction with the Emory Alumni Association, will consider co-sponsorship or support of the program in its calendar planning. If no formal chapter exists in a given area, staff of the Emory Alumni Association will determine whether the event can be co-sponsored by Emory University through its Emory Alumni Association.

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