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Policy 2.96
International SOS

Responsible Official: Vice President for Finance/Chief Finance Officer
Administering Division/Department: Procurement Services
Effective Date: April 01, 2010
Last Revision: March 31, 2010

Policy Sections:


The purpose of this document is to provide travel guidelines for International SOS on behalf of the University.


The Travel Policies apply to faculty, staff, students, and non-employees traveling on behalf of the University and seeking reimbursement or payment for travel-related expenses from Emory University funds, regardless of the funding source.

Policy Details

2.96.1 Traveler Responsibility

2.96.2 Responsibility of Higher Level Approvers

2.96.3 International SOS

2.96.4 Other

2.96.1 Traveler Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the traveler to know the entry requirements of their destination and to obtain the necessary passports, visas, and travel advisories for safe travel.

2.96.2 Responsibility of Higher Level Approvers

Higher Level Approver must ensure that: 

  • the traveler is aware of the Emory Travel Policy in advance of the travel;
  • travel expenses were incurred while conducting authorized University business;
  • travel expenses were necessary, reasonable and consistent with University policies and the
  • stated business purpose;
  • an expense report includes the required documentation; and
  • travel expenses meet any and all Sponsored Program guidelines, if applicable

2.96.3 International SOS

Emory University contracts with International SOS (ISOS) to provide security and medical evacuation services, and a variety of online health, safety, and security resources for the University community traveling abroad on University business or sponsored activities only (7 days personal travel before or after the meeting is included). All Emory faculty, staff, students and family members traveling with a University Traveler are also covered by ISOS. Note: ISOS is not health insurance.

 1) Prior to making travel plans, travelers must confirm through Emory’s ISOS website that the country to which they are traveling to does not currently have restricted coverage due to political unrest or medical restrictions. Emory may not prohibit travelers from going to certain countries (with the exception of undergraduates), but ISOS services or other insurance coverage may be limited and, if used, additional fees, which could be substantial, will be charged.

2) Prior to departing, travelers must set up their profile within Emory’s ISOS travel record by uploading contact and emergency information, passport/visa information, medical history, and trip itineraries. For tracking purposes, itineraries are automatically uploaded if booking through an Emory travel provider. If travel arrangements are not made using an Emory travel provider, travelers must input their itinerary manually. Additional side trips and supplemental information should be included.

3) Travelers should consult ISOS for in-country information, required immunizations, travel warnings and safety tips and other important travel information and follow any advice given.

2.96.4 Other

Prior to departing, travelers must ascertain how Emory’s worker’s compensation insurance and their personal medical coverage will respond if an incident occurs in the country or countries they plan to visit. 

When renting a car internationally, travelers should accept the loss damage waiver (LDW) and supplemental liability coverage

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