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Policy 2.9
Employee Responsibilities and Departmental Responsibilities

Responsible Official: Vice President for Finance/Chief Finance Officer
Administering Division/Department: Payroll
Effective Date: March 20, 2007
Last Revision: July 09, 2014

Policy Sections:


Descriptions of activities that employees are responsible for and those the employee's department are responsible for.


All employees.

Policy Details

2.9.1 Employee Responsibilities Questions Concerning University Payroll Address Changes Direct Deposit Authorization Direct Deposit Changes Direct Deposit Cancellation Name Changes

2.9.2 Departmental Responsibilities Overall Responsibilities Departmental University Payroll Contact Timely Submission Internal Controls

2.9.1 Employee Responsibilities Questions Concerning University Payroll

When employees have payroll questions, they should first see their departmental Human Resource Representative or Timekeeper. The departmental contacts should be able to answer most payroll questions. Address Changes

University employees need to notify Data Services as soon as possible after a change in address and/or phone number.

There are three means of providing us with this update:

1.  Current employees of Emory University may use the employee self service modules (e-modules) to change their emergency contact information.

Emory University Self Service Document


2.  E-mail Human Resources Data Services at the following address: mzippy@hr1.hr.emory.edu. Provide us your full legal name as it appears on your paycheck and your social security number or your employee ID number, in order that we may verify that we are modifying the correct record. Due to the volume of messages sent to the mzippy mailbox, Data Services checks the messages and enters the changes every day. However, NO REPLY MAIL will be sent. There are two addresses for most employees in the HR system: a local home address and a mailing address. The mailing address is used for W-2 mailing. Be sure to specify if the address update applies to both addresses!


3.  Complete a Personal Information Change Form and forward to Human Resources Data Services. The form may be faxed to 404-727-4008.

NOTE: If you are a student, you will also need to change your address and phone number via the OPUS online system at www.opus.emory.edu. Direct Deposit Authorization

Faculty, students and staff must have paychecks direct-deposited into an account at a financial institution. Direct deposit forms are available through Human Resources, Data Services, and Payroll as well as the Emory Finance website. The alternative option for employees without a direct deposit account is Cash Pay. The Cash Pay application forms are located in Payroll. Several area banks may waive monthly fees for Emory employees or offer other group banking incentives. Employees should check with financial institutions to see what is available.

Employees can go online at https://leo.cc.emory.edu to set up their direct deposit accounts.

Returning University employees who had direct deposit will use the same direct deposit account upon return, unless a new Authorization Form is completed. Direct Deposit Changes

If a direct deposit employee needs to make a change involving the direct deposit of the paycheck (i.e. changing banks, changing accounts, etc.), then the employee can go online at https://leo.cc.emory.edu to make the change. Another option is to fill out a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form. The authorization form, along with a deposit slip or voided check, must be sent to the University Payroll office. Direct Deposit Cancellation

Employees must notify University Payroll office in writing to cancel a direct deposit.

Please be prompt and notify the Payroll Department immediately because direct deposit information and net salary distribution is sent to the bank approximately 5 days before the pay date.   If there is a delay in notifying the Payroll department there will also be a delay in receiving funds.  There is also a $100.00 check processing fee for an On-Demand Check to replace the funds.

Direct deposit authorizations, changes or cancellations will be processed according to payroll schedules. Name Changes

University employees must notify their department Human Resources Representative Contact as soon as possible after a name change. An updated electronic Form I-9 which verifies identity and employment eligibility is also required.  The employee must present to their HR Representative their Social Security Card or Receipt from the Social Security Administration as verification of the name change.

  1. The HR Representative must complete Section III of the electronic I-9 in Pre-Start and scan/attach a copy of the Social Security Card.
  2. The employee should update their marital status on the Tax Forms, W-4 (Federal withholding) and G-4 (Georgia withholding) via PeopleSoft Self Service>Payroll and Compensation.  https://psofthr.cc.emory.edu

NOTE: If you are a student, you must change your name on the OPUS system. You may contact the Registrar's Office at 404-727-6042 for specific instructions. 

2.9.2 Departmental Responsibilities Overall Responsibilities

Departments are responsible for ensuring that proper internal controls exist for all payroll activity. The University has an obligation to pay employees on pay day for services performed. Therefore, it is critical that departments submit payroll documents according to published deadlines, including approved Time and Attendance hours and Payroll Pay Request transactions.

University employees should normally be paid for work performed for, or on behalf of, the University solely through the University Payroll office. Departmental University Payroll Contact

Each department must designate at least one employee as their payroll contact. This person will be responsible for the preparation of all payroll input. Responsibilities of the departmental payroll contact include the following:

  1. Accurate and timely submission of all payroll documents: documents must be signed by the department head or authorized designee to be processed by University Payroll office.
  2. Disseminating payroll information received from University Payroll office to the employees in their department.
  3. Answering questions from employees in their area: in most cases, the departmental contact should be able to answer any payroll questions.

Departments are required to notify the Payroll office whenever changes occur regarding the primary and back-up timekeepers or department personnel authorized to generate payroll requests. Timely Submission

All employee changes must be submitted promptly to the appropriate division of University Human Resources. Late submission of paperwork may result in incorrect paychecks or no paychecks. Internal Controls

If possible, the employee who signs and authorizes the payroll input should not be the same person who actually prepares the input. Moreover, an employee who is responsible for preparing payroll transactions may not be appointed as a Department Payroll Distribution Officer.

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