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Policy 2.3
Vendor Payments Including Emory Purchasing Card

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Responsible Official: Vice President for Finance/Chief Finance Officer
Administering Division/Department: Payment Services
Effective Date: March 19, 2007
Last Revision: March 28, 2007

Policy Sections:


The Payment Services Department strives to ensure the expedient and accurate processing of all payables for the University and to provide quality customer service to both Emory departments and to vendors. Payment Services includes the Vendor Payments area and the Travel and Individual Reimbursements area located at 1762 Clifton Road. 

Policy Details

2.3.1 Forms

2.3.2 Customer Service

2.3.3  Vendor Payments - Checklist Of Procedures For Payment Processing Non-Purchase Order Invoices  Purchase Order Invoices

2.3.1 Forms

Payment Requests are to be completed online.  Once complete, the form is to be printed and signed for submission to Payment Services.

2.3.2 Customer Service

Payment Services has instituted a new process to better handle inquiries from the departments and vendors. Payment Services has designated 3 customer service specialists whose purpose is to handle all calls for payment inquiries. All calls to Payment Services are routed to these individuals so that data entry staff can dedicate their time to the processing of payment requests. Data entry staff may still contact departments to request missing information. If it is necessary for departments to return information calls, those calls will be routed through the customer service main line. When responding to information requests, please have the name of the data entry person who contacted you, the vendor name/number in question and the information requested. This information should be given to the customer service staff. Let the customer service person know that you are providing information requested by that data entry person. 

2.3.3  Vendor Payments - Checklist Of Procedures For Payment Processing Non-Purchase Order Invoices  

    1. All invoices must be original. If the original has been lost, please send a copy of the invoice accompanied by a memo stating that the original is not available and that we need to pay from the copy.
    2. A valid ten digit account number (a six digit account and four digit sub code) must be used for each invoice. Please review account numbers and sub codes before submitting any type of request for payment. 
    3. Please do not send altered invoices. We can not pay from an altered invoice unless it is to deduct sales tax. If an invoice is incorrect, please contact the vendor and request a credit invoice or a corrected invoice.  
    4. Vendor "Statements" should not be submitted for payment. We must have an original invoice for the payment to be processed. If you do not have the invoice appearing on the statement, please call the vendor and request a copy. 
    5.  Invoice copies should be retained to check and balance against the monthly FAS statement.  Purchase Order Invoices

    1. All material goods (i.e. computers, office supplies, furniture, etc.) must be on a purchase order if the invoice will total $1,500.00 or more. Once a purchase order is issued, the signed receiving report is the only payment authorization needed. Once the merchandise has been received and it is in proper working condition, please forward the receiving report to the Payment Services office. It is not necessary to wait for an invoice from the vendor because they are mailed directly to Payment Services. When Payment Services receives the invoice from the vendor, a copy is forwarded to the ordering department with a stamp on it that reads "Receiving Report Needed". If the receiving report is not sent in after this notice is given, Payment Services will then forward another copy of the invoice to the department for signature approval. 
    2. For purchase orders less than $1,500.00, receiving reports are not necessary. The original invoice is sent directly from the vendor to Payment Services. A copy of the invoice is then forwarded to the responsible department with a stamp that reads "Notification of Payment" and that "payment will be made within five working days unless otherwise informed." 
    3. When a Purchase Order is issued, the departmental funds are automatically "encumbered," which means they are committed or reserved. The encumbrance will automatically be removed when the invoice is paid. However, if the invoice is for less than what the Purchase Order was set up, the remaining unused portion of the funds will remain encumbered until the department requests the encumbrance be removed. To do this, simply send a memo to the Payment Services office stating the reason for removal and a copy of the AM090 report showing where the Purchase Order has been paid. 
    4. Invoice copies should be retained to check and balance against the monthly FAS statement.
    5. The University offers a Purchasing card or, MasterCard, that allows the department to make purchases of capital assets up to $1,499 without the need of a Purchase Order. Any vendor that will accept MasterCard as a form of payment will accept the Purchasing card. The department can contact the vendor directly and make a purchase, with certain exceptions, and give their purchasing card number as payment. This eliminates the need for preparation of a Purchase Order requisition and the handling of an invoice by Payment Services. To apply for a Purchasing card(s) contact Alan Weinstein at 727-4310. The Purchasing card cannot be used for travel (see the Travel section of this manual for travel card option) but can be used for purchases of food for business meetings on campus from vendors such as Aramark (ARA). Most payment requests that were in the past put on a #2 form can be paid for using the Purchasing card; i.e. subscriptions, phone and cellular bills. 

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