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Policy 2.3
Vendor Payments Including Emory Purchasing Card

Responsible Official: Vice President for Finance/Chief Finance Officer
Administering Division/Department: Payment Services
Effective Date: January 01, 2008
Last Revision: August 20, 2014

Policy Sections:


This policy provides guidelines to facilitate the timely and accurate payment to vendors.


All employees.

Policy Details

2.3.1 General

2.3.2 Payment Request

2.3.3 Customer Service

2.3.4 Vendor Payments – Payment Processing Non-Purchase Order Invoices Purchase Order Invoices




2.3.1 General

The Procurement and Payment Services department works with University staff to assure that selection of vendors as well as subsequent payment to these vendors is handled in a manner that is consistent with University policies and procedures.

2.3.2 Payment Request

The Payment Request should be completed and submitted online via a Compass Payment Request.  Once complete, it will be routed electronically to the department approvers for submission to Payment Services.

2.3.3 Customer Service

Payment Services has designated customer service specialists to handle all calls for payment inquiries. Staff may contact departments to request missing information. If it is necessary for departments to return information calls, those calls will be routed through the customer service main line.

When responding to information requests, have the name of the data entry person who contacted you, the vendor name/number in question, and the information requested. Information should be given to the customer service staff who in turn will relay it to the appropriate data entry staff member.

2.3.4 Vendor Payments – Payment Processing Non-Purchase Order Invoices

Send only original invoices to Payment Services. If the original has been lost, send a clean copy or fax of the invoice, stating that the original is not available and that the University should pay from the copy.  Vendor "statements" should not be submitted for payment. If you do not have the invoice appearing on the statement, call the vendor and request a copy. Purchase Order Invoices

Complete a Requisition in Emory Express for ALL material goods (i.e., computers, office supplies, furniture, etc.).  When the merchandise is received and it is in proper working condition, enter the Emory Express system and mark the shipment as received.

Departmental funds are encumbered when a Purchase Order is issued. The encumbrance will automatically be removed when the invoice is posted. However, if the invoice is for less than the original Purchase Order, the remaining unused portion of the funds will remain encumbered until the department removes the encumbrance.


Vendor: A person or entity legally authorized to sell a property or service to the University.

Purchase Order: A document issued by a University buyer to a seller indicating the type, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.

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