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Policy 2.16
Earnings Code Corrections for Bi-Weekly Employees

Responsible Official: Vice President for Finance/Chief Finance Officer
Administering Division/Department: Payroll
Effective Date: January 01, 2008
Last Revision: July 31, 2013

Policy Sections:


This policy outlines how to handle earnings code corrections for bi-weekly employees.


All bi-weekly employees.

Policy Details

If hours are coded incorrectly for bi-weekly employees, departmental representatives need to correct the error as quickly as possible. Some examples include regular hours recorded instead of jury duty, vacation hours recorded instead of bereavement, vacation hours recorded instead of floating holiday, or vacation hours recorded instead of sick hours or visa versa.

Department Procedure

1.     If the earnings code correction deals with an earnings code other than vacation and sick time, contact the Payroll Department with an email notification authorizing a correction of the earnings code. The email should contain:

·         Subject line: Earnings Code Adjustment

·         Employee’s Name

·         Employee’s ID Number

·         Employee’s Record Number

·         The wrong earnings code used with the number of hours and the correct earnings code.

2.     If the earnings code correction is between vacation and sick time, complete the Vacation and Sick Leave Balance Change Form.

3.     Review the Payroll Calendar to help manage employee expectations.

4.     Inform the employee that the Payroll Department will process the earnings code adjustments in the next available bi-weekly cycle, and that the earnings code adjustment will show on the employee’s pay stub.

Payroll Procedure


1.     Write up the adjustment to be keyed.

2.     Process the Vacation and Sick Leave Balance Change Form.

3.     Process the request in the next available bi-weekly payroll cycle.


Earnings Code Corrections: Corrections made to the statements of bi-weekly employees who have had the wrong earnings code used to record hours in prior cycles.

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Contact Information

Earnings Code Corrections  Payroll Department  404.727.6100  payroll@emory.edu 
Payroll Department  Rhonda Foster  404.727.2385  rfoster@emory.edu 
Payroll Department  Joleen Mitchell  404.727.6137  joleen.mitchell@emory.edu 

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