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Policy 2.107
Business Expenses - Non-Reimbursable and Unallowable Charges

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Responsible Official: Vice President for Finance/Chief Finance Officer
Administering Division/Department: Payment Services
Effective Date: October 01, 2010
Last Revision: September 22, 2010

Policy Sections:


The purpose of this policy is to provide a list of expenses which are non-reimbursable or unallowable charges to University funds. 


The Business Expense Policy applies to faculty, staff, students, and non-employees seeking reimbursement or payment for related expenses from the University regardless of the funding source or form of payment including personal funds, Purchasing Cards, and Corporate Cards.

Policy Details

2.107.1   Faculty, Staff, and Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the individual to act in good faith and in the spirit of the policy.  Individuals should be familiar with which items are considered reimbursable or payable and which items would be considered personal expenses. 

2.107.2   Responsibility of Higher Level Approvers

Higher Level Approver must ensure that: 

  • the individual is aware of the Business Expenses – Non-Reimbursable and Unallowable Charges Polcy;
  • expenses were necessary, reasonable and consistent with University policies and the business purpose is clearly documented;
  • the expense report includes the required documentation; and
  • expenses meet any and all Sponsored Program guidelines, if applicable.   

2.107.3   Request for exceptions to policy must follow the Exceptions to University Procurement, Payments and Travel Policy process (See Policy 2.108)

2.107.4  Business Expenses - Non-Reimbursable and Unallowable Charges

In addition to the non-reimbursable, unallowable items listed in the Travel Policies (Policy 2.104), faculty, staff, students and non-employees will not be reimbursed nor will payment be made for the following items;

  • Academic Regalia
  • Home Cable Television 
  • Home Landline Phone Service
  • Personal Memberships for Car Share Services (i.e. individual memberships for ZipCar)
  • Monthly Campus Parking Fees for Hang Tags at Regular Workplace
  • Home Office Furnishings



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