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Policy 2.104
Non-Reimbursable or Payable Items

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Responsible Official: Vice President for Finance/Chief Finance Officer
Administering Division/Department: Procurement Services
Effective Date: February 14, 2013
Last Revision: February 13, 2013

Policy Sections:


The purpose of this document is to provide a list of non-reimbursable or payable expenses that may be incurred while traveling on behalf of the University.


The Travel Policies apply to faculty, staff, students, and non-employees traveling on behalf of the University and seeking reimbursement or payment for travel-related expenses from Emory University funds, regardless of the funding source.

Policy Details

Traveler Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the traveler to act in good faith and in the spirit of the policy to know which items are considered reimbursable or payable and which are considered personal expenses.

Responsibility of Higher Level Approvers

Higher Level Approver must ensure that: 

  • the traveler is aware of the Emory Travel Policy in advance of the travel;
  • travel expenses were incurred while conducting authorized University business;
  • travel expenses were necessary, reasonable and consistent with University policies and the stated business purpose;
  • an expense report includes the required documentation; and
  • travel expenses meet any and all Sponsored Program guidelines, if applicable.

Non-Reimbursable or Payable Items

This list is not intended to be comprehensive. If an item is not listed and you are unsure if it is reimbursable, contact Procurement and Payment Services. Travelers will not be reimbursed for, nor payment made for the following expenses: 

Any Expense for goods or services considered a personal expense, including:

o   Airline lounge/club memberships
o   Airport security programs
o   Annual fees for personal credit cards
o   Barber, toiletry or clothing items
o   Evening gown rental or tuxedo rental
o   Expenses related to vacation or personal days taken before, during, or after a business trip
o   Health club, exercise room fees, spas, saunas, massages
o   Insurance for personal car
o   Insurance for rental car during personal use (i.e. extended a business trip for leisure)
o   Insurance for domestic rental car for business use
o   Insurance for travel or baggage
o   Items confiscated from airport security
o   Laundry charges (for trips less than five days)
o   Movies (in-flight or in-room)
o   Medical care while traveling
o   Personal gifts
o   Personal property insurance
o   Personal reading materials (e.g. magazines, newspapers)
o   Personal cell phone monthly fees/minutes
o   Personal telephone calls (non-cell phone) in excess of reasonable calls home
o   Shoe shines

Any expenses related to the personal negligence of the traveler, including:

o   Airline change fees resulting from personal negligence or personal change reason
o   Corporate card delinquency fees or finance charges
o   Excess-weight luggage fees, unless business reasons dictate
o   Excessive volume of checked bags, relative to the trip
o   Loss or theft of airline tickets
o   Loss or theft of personal funds or property
o   “No show” charges for hotels or rental cars
o   Parking tickets, traffic violations, or auto repair

Any expense considered to be an upgrade of service, including:

o   Airport security programs
o   Preferred seating fees
o   Hotel room upgrades
o   Frequent flyer miles or any loyalty program points or fees
o   Mini-bar alcoholic refreshments
o   Rental car upgrades to premium or luxury class

Fines or Fees, including:

o   Parking tickets, traffic violations, or auto repair
o   Traffic tickets, parking tickets, towing, booting, and fitness fees
o   Traveler’s check fees

Loss or damage expenses for personal property, including:

o   Items confiscated by airport security
o   Lost baggage
o   Loss or theft of airline tickets
o   Loss or theft of personal funds or property

Entertainment and recreational expenses, such as fees for social or non-mandatory activities at conferences, inordinately expensive meals and lodging, videos or movies charged to hotel/motel bills, including:

o   Alcoholic beverages purchased in a non-business capacity
o   Club memberships for business or pleasure
o   Golf fees/ski lift tickets, etc.
o   Sporting events
o   Theatre

Vehicle expenses (e.g. other than rental, mileage, parking and tolls), including:

o   Insurance for rental car during personal use or domestic business use
o   Locksmith
o   Repairs to personal vehicles
o   Towing and booting charges
o   Vehicle maintenance

Travel expenses (including child care) related to family members or companions, including:

o   Babysitting
o   Day care
o   Pet care

 Any other expense that is not allowed by a sponsored project

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