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Policy 10.7
Periodic Administrative Review

Responsible Official: Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Administering Division/Department: General Policies
Effective Date: June 01, 2013
Last Revision: March 11, 2014

Policy Sections:


Emory University is committed to systematic, ongoing, integrated, empirically based evaluation that results in measurable improvement in carrying out its mission: to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity. The periodic review of academic units and academic and administrative support units is one of a set of processes that assures Emory University’s strategic vision. The review process is designed to provide information in a regular and systematic manner that can be used to guide program development, allocate resources, evaluate progress, and inform decision-making toward continuous improvement.

All reviews must include a self-study that describes and evaluates how well the unit fulfills its strategic or operational mission and contributes to the overall mission of the University, a site visit from an internal or external review team, and a follow-up plan that establishes priorities for action.


This policy applies to all academic units as well as academic and administrative support units. 

Policy Details

Review Process

Administrative Support

Administrative support for the review process is provided by the appropriate Executive Vice President or a designated office.

Review Cycle

The goal is to review units every 5 years, but not less often than every 7 years. The review cycle will be developed by the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Executive Vice President for Business and Administration, and the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs. To the extent possible, the review cycle will be coordinated with other review processes including leadership reviews and/or reviews by external accrediting bodies.


The self-study is a written document that provides the foundation for the review. The contents of the self-study are defined at the unit level with consultation from the Executive Vice President overseeing the review. At minimum, the self-study should describe the unit’s strategic goals and objectives, and outline the relationship of the unit’s mission to the University’s mission and strategic goals, evaluate the success of the unit in achieving its stated goals and objectives, and identify any issues or barriers to success. Supporting materials should describe the administrative structure of the unit and provide evidence of progress toward strategic goals. Supporting materials may include relevant information from external accreditation reviews.   All self-studies should include an executive summary.


Review Team: Internal and external review teams consist of at least 3 members with expertise in the area under review that are able to bring knowledge of best practices and current trends in the field to an independent and rigorous evaluation of the unit. Team members are invited by the Executive Vice President with oversight of the review or their delegate. Teams can include established leaders in the field, outside consultants, industry experts, external peer groups, or key internal constituents based upon expertise or established review processes (e.g., internal audit, Business Practice Initiative). Leaders of the units may recommend reviewers according to unit-specific guidelines.

Focus: The scope and focus of the review are determined by the Executive Vice President with oversight of the review in consultation with the unit leader. The review may be a comprehensive evaluation of the unit or targeted to specific functions. 

Site Visit: The Executive Vice President with oversight of the unit or designated office will work with the unit leadership to design the review visit schedule. The unit’s self-study and a letter outlining the scope and focus of the review as well as any specific questions to be addressed will be provided to the reviewers in advance of the actual review. The length of the review will vary depending on the scope of the charge and meetings will be scheduled with relevant parties. At the conclusion of the visit, the review team will have an interview with the Executive Vice President with preliminary feedback regarding the unit under review.

Final Report: The review team submits a report of its findings to the Executive Vice President with oversight of the review in a timely manner. The report is expected to address the issues raised in the charge by the Executive Vice President. The reviewers’ report is a component of the review process, but it is not the final statement of the unit’s merits.

Follow-up Plan

The Executive Vice President with oversight of the unit and unit leader jointly will develop an action plan. Accomplishments towards this plan will be folded into regular annual updates. 

 Record Retention

The Executive Vice President with oversight of the unit or designated office will maintain review records including the self-study, the final report of the external review committee, and the follow-up plan.

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