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Policy 10.15
Affiliation Relationships

Responsible Official: Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Administering Division/Department: General Policies
Effective Date: September 06, 2016
Last Revision: August 11, 2017

Policy Sections:


From time to time Emory University has found compelling reasons to establish affiliate relationships with organizations, pursuant to which Emory provides certain administrative services and University benefits. For purposes of this policy, only separate 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations that are not controlled directly or indirectly by Emory and which further the academic, scholarly, service, or other missions of the University may be eligible to be an affiliate. Clinical affiliations of any type and academic journals with which faculty members are involved are not considered affiliates for purposes of this policy.

Policy Details

The addition of a new affiliate relationship, material change in exempt purpose of an affiliate, or significant change in the number of employees or other aspects of a current affiliate relationship with Emory requires approval by the Ways and Means Committee (¿WAM¿), or its delegate. WAM will require a department, school or unit at Emory to sponsor the affiliation and take responsibility for any financial liability the affiliate has with regard to Emory as a result of the affiliation. A dean, chief business officer or vice president, or above, from such sponsoring school, department or unit shall also be responsible for articulating to WAM the way in which the affiliation furthers the academic, or other, mission of Emory, as well as describing the financial and operational arrangement associated with the affiliation. WAM or its delegate will review on-going affiliate relationships at least once every five years with support from the Office of the General Counsel and the Vice President for Human Resources.

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Forms and Attachments

  • Guidelines for Affiliation Relationships : download

Contact Information

Questions about WAM procedures  Ashley Floyd  404-727-7110  ashley.floyd@emory.edu 
Questions about affiliates  Melinda Simon  404-712-1169  mesimon@emory.edu 

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