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Policy 10.14
Sealing Student Records

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Responsible Official: Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Administering Division/Department: General Policies
Effective Date: September 28, 2015
Last Revision: January 26, 2016

Policy Sections:


Conferral of an Emory University degree is the most important milestone in a student's academic career. Graduating students must fulfill all the academic requirements for the degree requirements prior to the date of conferral. After students graduate from the university, their records are sealed and no further changes are allowed. The correction of clerical mistakes is possible by petition to the University Registrar. Degrees are conferred three times during an academic year: Spring - Second Monday in May Summer - Last day of exams in August (Friday) Fall - Last day of exams in December (Saturday)


Applicability This policy applies to all Emory University Schools.

Policy Details

1.1.1. Conferral: Degree candidates are certified by each school prior to the degree conferral. Any outstanding course work, incomplete grades, or the like not completed prior to these conferral dates will necessitate the student applying for graduation for the next applicable term. 1.1.2. Sealed Academic Records: Emory University academic records are sealed thirty days after the conferral of the degree. A thirty day grace period beyond the conferral date is provided to school officials who "may" need additional time to certify a graduating student due to circumstances beyond the student's control (e.g. not related to academic performance). After this date, changes to majors and minor, addition of departmental honors, removal of incompletes, grade changes, or other changes to an academic record cannot be made. 1.1.3 Administrative Petition Process: Request for retroactive awarding of a degree beyond the thirty day grace period due to extenuating circumstances must be non-academic related factors such as retrieval of missing degree applications, failure of a department to report course work, issues with degree audit processing, etc. - Retroactive requests must be submitted in writing by the School Dean or Provost Office Official to the University Registrar. - A description of the nature of the error that resulted in the student being omitted/removed from the graduation list - Confirmation that all degree requirements were met prior to the requested conferral date - The degree to be conferred and the semester of conferral - Justification on why this cannot be authorized in the next closest term

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